The Tygers

Need some song ideas

Help us by telling us the type (genre and decade) of music you would like to hear The Tygers play.  Be as specific as you can as we are interested in learning what our friends think we should be performing.

The Tygers

13 Responses to “Need some song ideas”

  1. Alice Chaudoir says:

    Hi Guys!!!
    Song suggestions
    1. Good Vibrations beach Boys
    2. All by James Darren
    3. Seeing you again by Dan Fogelberg
    4. Good Vibrations beach boys
    5. I cant help myself by The four tops


  2. Sue Klekowski says:

    Of course “Little by little”; anything Four Seasons; The Zombies; Association; Bee Gees; Moody Blues; Queen. Or did you want specific titles?

  3. The Tygers says:

    Thanks for the comments, feel free to be specific if you want.

  4. The Tygers says:

    All good, keep them coming.

  5. Gary Mason says:

    Cryan Shames
    Sugar & Spice
    I wanna meet you
    It could be we’re in love
    Other Wisconsin Bands recordings
    She’s the one
    Tommy James
    Fifth Dimension
    Over the rainbow
    Doobie Brothers
    Falling apart at the seams – marmalade
    Grass Roots
    Baby I’m yours
    Make me your baby
    Anyway you want it – Dave Clark Five
    New Colony Six
    You wouldn’t listen – ides of march
    Walkin in rhythm – blackbirds
    New girl in school – Jan & Dean

  6. The Tygers says:

    Thanks Gary.

  7. Gary Mason says:

    Precious and Few – Climax
    Little miss sad – five empress
    Close to you – carpenters (not kidding)
    Hippy Hippy Shake
    Good golly, miss Molly – swinging blue jeans
    Joy to the world
    She loves you
    Please please me
    Hold me tight – Beatles
    I’m happy to dance with you
    Electric light orchestra
    REO Speedwagon
    Wait a minute – Tim Tam
    & the Turn – ons
    Bill Deal & the rhondels

  8. Gary Mason says:

    SWEET CHARLENE – Mark Lansing

  9. Gary Mason says:

    Steve H.
    He has no computer.
    But he requests:
    Cant Believe
    Days & Nights
    Debbie On My Mind

  10. Patty Jurena says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys play.

  11. Chuck Ramstack says:

    Some Of Mitch Ryder and Detroit Wheels. Great Dance Music and great sound. He’s still around heard him Waukesha a few years ago.

  12. The Tygers says:

    Thanks for the input, not sure any of us can reproduce the Mitch Ryder sound but we can try.

  13. Cheryl says:

    Songs: “Rock ‘n Roll Music”, anything Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Dion and all of your originals.

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