The Tygers

"We have made the song Voo Doo by The Tygers the unofficial official song of Salem Lake, North Carolina."

-Bob S.

The Idea

Idea Bulb

Does it seem that ever new breakthrough band has an average age of about 20?  Have you ever wondered why?  Well we did.  We realized this is based more on tradition than talent.  Has music changed so drastically that only youngsters can create and perform it?  We feel the difference between the music of the 60’s and 70’s and today is not as monumental as that between the roaring 20’s and the rock era.  While a few short decades ago when you hit the golden years your opinions on popular trends were progressively less important, but remember, todays’ 60 is yesterday’s 40.  And there are 78 million of us.  So who better to create the new sounds than those who lived through it and understand it best.  Who better to speak to a generation than members who share their collective experiences, both good and bad.  While we all enjoy the reminiscings of our youth, we feel that we address the old music from a mature perspective.  From the days of surfing and fast cars to reflections on life and the things we are still capable of accomplishing.  We are but three of this huge group, still following our own dream of creating a sound the world can identify with, not revolutionary in its form or spirit, but revolutionary in that it attempts to break the musical tradition of who creates popular music.  Novelists are rarely taken seriously before the age of 40 and maybe its time for the music world to take a lesson from other areas of literature and art.

The Tygers

Our boys, Tony, Lanny, and Craig, were members of a regionally successful rock band in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Their local hit record “Little By Little” was picked up by Herb Albert and A&M Records.  Their aspirations of national success, however, never materialized and the members eventually went their separate ways into various careers.  After forty years, these creative spirits have rejoined and rekindled the desire to make original music for their generation.  A generation of listeners they believe have been abandoned and mistakenly left to their “golden years”.  They intend to clutter it with golden records.


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